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Until what age???

Can female mice be fertile and breed?

I had a surprise litter yesterday morning. The dam was one of the two new does I brought home on the 12th of March and introduced to the rest on the 13th of March. Though it is possible that this doe came pregnant already from the store, I also fear that one mouse whom I thought (and people at the shelter I adopted her from, and her previous owner as well) was female may really be a male. The genital distance is large, but I see no dangling testicles (mouse is Texel). I isolated this mouse yesterday just in case.

However, the mouse whose gender is in question was introduced to 3 other females back on the 5th of December of last year. One female was 1.5 years old, the other 2 were around 9-10 months old (not quite a year). One of the 9 month old females died on Christmas day, the other one on March 11. And NEITHER one of those two younger females gave birth to surprise litters. The older one I am giving the benefit of the doubt.

Were the 9-10 month old females too old to breed by then? Or is the questionable mouse not a buck and the new doe came pregnant from the store? There is no way a male wild mouse could have snuck in. The other new mouse was confirmed to be a doe for sure.
Remember the babies from the litter I posted a while back?

Here are the two I've kept from that litter. A little male and female. :)

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one more thing...

years and years ago i caught a wild mouse in the house, and because there were so many cats outside, we decided to keep him. His name was Gus Gus. He lived to be 5 years old...that's old for a mouse, right? Well a while ago i found some of his food (i kept it for sentimental reasons), and i never noticed this before, but there are a few cannabis seeds in there. (we were living in Belgium at the time). Do you guys think that may have contributed to Gus Gus living so long?


hey everyone, i'm new to the community. Just had a quick question...or questions. My little black mouse has gained weight and i'm worried about his health...what's the best way to get him to a healthier size? i've tried giving him less food, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

also, what's the best way to train a mouse? he's not a fancy mouse, just...a black one...lol. he'll eat stuff out of my hand, but it's hard to get him out of his cage to play with him. any tips?


promo :)

Hey guys just promoting the new Mouse Lovers community, which is just getting up off the ground.

Hope you're well!

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Aug. 5th, 2009

What color are these babies going to be? They are starting to develop slightly darker stripes around their back so the first thing that popped into my mind was brindle, but I'm still not sure. Brindle babies would be pretty cool, though. :)

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New Mice

Oh, another question... sorry I'm spamming the community but heaps of questions lately it seems... I'm introducing two new mice into the big cage with the other mice (three others - it's a very large cage it's nicknamed the mouse mansion haha)... but yeah the other two mice have accepted them, but Choc Chip who I believe would be the dominant is biting the tails... I assume that's normal? Kind of a dominant submissive thing? How long would this last, like to be normal? It's been about a day, a day and a half now and she's not doing it AS much... but she's still nipping at the tails, should I be worried?


One of my very active mice has a bit of a puffy backside... like... from the pelvis down to the tail, around her rear back side of the body is all... puffy I guess... it would have come up almost overnight... and when I touched it it didn't seem to be painful but is kind of hard. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they've had this, or what it could be?

I mean I've had tumors on mice before but never... down there... *odd*


New to community

Hi, I'm new to the community. =) I recently got two little boys from a friend who is a breeder. I decided to call them Hajime and Eiji. They are 6 weeks old. Thankfully they are extremely friendly since they were handled from pretty early on, although Eiji is a little nervous at times. They both like climbing and sleeping and looking at themselves in the mirror.

I created this journal on behalf of my mice, feel free to comment on their posts.

This is the first time I've owned mice (I also own a dwarf hamster and a rat) so if anyone has any tips, I'd be very greatful.

Hajime - - - - Eiji

Funny Picture competition 2

Hi everyone!
We're running another funny picture comp, starting as soon as you read this!
Start posting pictures of your mice/rats/rodents/whatever doing crazy stunts, making funny faces, anything! I will choose a winner to get their funny picture posted on the profile after one week.

Please post your pictures roughly 600 ish pixel wide, and tag your post with 'funny picture comp' or something similar so its easier for me to find. Dont fret if you forget Im sure ill find it :)

Good luck all :)

- Monica